Thank you so much for visiting my official website!

I would like to share few words about my music career.

I was born in Sofia, Bulgaria, being myself as a third-generation music artist in my family.  My grandmother had started teaching me to play piano when I was four, and I found my abiding love of classical music and received cocktail piano education from her.

When I was in my teens, I was constantly singing in choirs and vocal groups, regularly being on the stage at many singing contests and archived several prestigious awards.  In 1991, I had attended a music school for 3 years specifically working on different vocal techniques.  After graduation, I started my career as a variety show singer and a tap dancer.  It was an important step to discover my talent in jazz interpretation and enhance my true artistic power.

Since 1993, I have been performing abroad in trios and quartets such as show bands at night bars and also back ground music entertainer in lobby bars and restaurants.  While working very hard, I also learned how to read and meet the expectations of various audiences, “not in a shy way” and sing to them form the heart!

In 2007, I joined my first sextet band on a passenger cruise liner.  Being blessed to work with excellent musicians, I extended my repertoire in new music genres and earned my knowledge and skills in playing instruments, i.e. guitar, percussion and keyboard.  As a front performer, I was able to feel the audience more and keep them in a good mood throughout the evening.  I love to be spontaneous on the stage, even sometimes a bit funny, comfort people and keep them smiling.  I truly believe this is the fastest way to break the ice and make their enjoyable holiday special!

In 2013, I got back to my first love – the piano, and started my carrier as a solo entertainer.  I was thrilled to explore this great intimacy of solo performing, and its freedom given to me!  Here I was more in my element.  Among my well-done song covers, sets of Cher, Carpenters, Liza Minnelli, and Annie Lennox are my favorite work and of course my signature remains in the Jazz Standards too.

In 2019, I finally found an opportunity to perform in Japan!  Well, even though I have been performing around the globe for 28 years, Japan astonished me with the most with its unique culture, life style and people’s state of mind.  I was so lucky to have that experience and perform for one of the best audiences I have ever met!  My heart is still there, and honestly, I hope to be back soon!

Thank you so much for taking your precious time.

Lilyan Kadieva
19 May, 2020