I have decided to write a few things about all the promo videos I made, and share it with other musicians, and I truly hope this thoughts of mine can be useful for you! 🙂 Agents have no time – Use your 5 min wisely Bare in mind that agents are very busy, and they don’t have more than 5 to 7 min to see your work.   Don’t waste their time by putting “well known tunes” like “I Will Survive”, “Love Me Tender”, “The Girl From Ipanema”, “Only You”, etc. on your demo.  Otherwise they will get bored! Knowing that performers, who are lookingRead More →

Look!  My CD press was done in town and I was able to pick them up yesterday. Nice!   Also jacket designs are ready for my review today too! Boika who is one of my best friends and also a graphic designer made several different versions for me, this version will be the one… Here is a link to Boika’s business FB Page.  If you are looking for a graphic designer, she is the one I would recommend!    Read More →

I have recorded my tributes to Cher and Carpenters in year 2019 at ANP Music Studio.  Alex Nushev is a great technician and awesome musician.  It is always a pleasure and fun to work with  him! Even though we are still under the Covid 19 situation, couldn’t stay home anymore!  So I wash my hands and went to ANT studio again to make my new CD!Read More →