I am happy to share this great news with you!! I am now on the stage with the new online venue to meet you and share my live music show.  Sessions Live enables us to share fun time online real time show with chat.  You can send me a song request too! Please come and join me there. You can fine my scheduled live show time at the site. More →

I attended the Annual Variete Artist Ball on Saturday, 25th Of July at Restaurant Astor! This very nice place is owned by our great Bulgarian magician Astor. It was lovely to see my old friends and colleagues, as well as some new faces.  Of course they brought me on the stage and I sang a few songs. What a lovely day I spent!Read More →

It was lovely to perform at a reunion event Thursday night, 23rd of July in one of our best historical towns, Koprivshtisa. We had a great audience and the gig was very well organized. I felt so good to be on the stage again! If you are interested in hiring us or looking for live entertainment to enrich your party or a small private concert as a part of your event, feel free to contact me for details. Click here to contact me.Read More →