Personal Vocal Trainer – Complete Vocal Coach Program

Lilyan is now available to be your personal vocal trainer, work together with you and take you to the next level to achieve your specific vocal goal!

My voice and performance training includes;

  • Vocalizing with a piano accompaniment
  • Diaphragm breathing techniques
  • Detailed song vocalizing breakdown and learning
  • Microphone singing techniques
  • Stage presence

Personal Vocal Trainer is a fully personalized, intensive coaching and mentoring program for motivated, dedicated vocalists and performers to find most effective way to find and connect you and Artist inside of you.

For details, please feel free to contact me.


  1. Lil is professional musician and great singer and on top of that – amazing vocal trainer! I enjoy how devoted Lilly is – I’m noob myself and after few meets with her I’m already proud of my progress, learned so much for a little time. Like all teachers, some are superficial, others will share all they knew and really help you develop fast!

    So happy that I found her!!

  2. Lily is amazing musician and definately knows how to teach others to become better singers as well. She finds an unique way for each student knowing what and how exactly has to be improved.

    She helped me to become a much better performer in a very short time and I highly recommend her.

  3. If you want to be trained for real performer not just singing in the training room – Lili is the perfect one. She could make a star from you. She is dedicated to your training and gives her best for you to be the best. I really feel special to be your student. Love you Lily <3

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